Completed in 2012


‚ÄčOn October 4, 2012 a signal case at the Rose Quarter MAX platform was destroyed by a car traveling at 80 mph off the freeway ramp.  

Police say the driver of the BMW suffered a medical situation after exiting I-84 west and taking the freeway ramp leading to the Rose Quarter.  Approaching N.E. 1st and Holladay, the car flipped end over end, TriMet said.  It crossed through a pedestrian walkway in the middle of the Rose Quarter MAX Station, then flew across the MAX tracks, over the curb on the north platform, knocked out a pedestrian railing and smashed into the signal case.  Police said the driver suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

The signal case contained TWC equipment and an addon box with communications equipment, all of which needed to be replaced with new equipment.  

ATSI completed the project in under 2 weeks from award of the contract to field installation.  This included purchasing equipment, case fabrication, equipment replication and factory wiring of racks, field cable termination, wiring, and verification testing.

TriMet News Article

  • 10/04/12 - Incident at Rose Quarter
  • 10/05/12 - ATSI delivers quote to TriMet
  • 10/10/12 - Contract received & signed
  • 10/19/12 - New case departs ATSI
  • 10/23/12 - Field installation
  • 1st and Holladay, Portland, OR
    1st and Holladay, Portland, OR

    A sunny day in Portland, TriMet Type I LRV and the original signal case.

  • Oct 4 Incident
    Oct 4 Incident

    Incident on October 4, 2012 at TriMet Rose Quarter MAX Station.

  • Damaged Case
    Damaged Case

    Close-up of the damaged TWC case.

  • Loading the TWC Case
    Loading the TWC Case

    TWC Case leaving ATSI and heading to Portland.

  • Field Installation
    Field Installation

    Field Installation of TriMet Replacement Cabinet by Advanced Transit Solutions, Inc. Railroad Contractors

  • Field Installation
    Field Installation

    It rained the whole time!

  • Close-Up of TWC Case in Service
    Close-Up of TWC Case in Service

    Installed, Tested, Up and Running!