In Progress

SANBAG / Shimmick Construction

Factory wiring and assembly of 9 signal houses and field modifications to 2 signal houses and 1 crossing house.

Equipment Houses
8 x 6 house San Bernardino Station Ped Xing
8 x 10 house 2nd St Xing / Rialto Xing / G St Xing
10 x 10 house CP Shortway / CP Redlands
10 x 14 house CP Vernon / CP Kendall / CP Morris
House equipment

Alstom/GRS relays
AAR hardware/arrestors/etc
GE Electrocode track circuits
GE Local Control Panel
Crossing controllers
Grade xing predictors
Comm equipment: Jumbo Switch/radio/network adapter


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Wayside material

Antennas/tilt-up mast/foundation
High signals: LED colorlight heads/masts/ladder/cage/foundations
Dwarf signal: LED colorlight heads/masts/foundations
M23 switch machine w/rods
Switch machine layouts
Crossing gates w/ masts/mechs/gate arms/lights/flashers/bells
Ped crossing gates w/ masts/mechs/gate arms/lights/flashers/bells
Foundations for crossing gates
Cantilevers w/LED colorlight heads